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Mental Health

The facility has a consultant psychiatrist and a nurse who conducts and assesses clients to determine their mental health. If need be, the client may receive prescribed medication for their diagnosis. Some mental health issues may include bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, ADHD, among other disorders.

Addiction Treatment

Clients undergo clinical assessment and are put under medication such as appetizers, observance of weight and vital triage. The individuals also undergo a detox program authorized and conducted by the medical team. The institution focuses on the 12-steps program for spiritual growth and sobriety. The program also encompasses a spiritual session that is ecumenical, dietary plans and physical exercises. The clients are taken through individual counselling to help them cope with psychological issues. Family sessions are conducted to aide in the reintegration process.


Use of drugs for treatment enables successful completion of the program for individuals such those suffering from depression. Medication is used to stabilize the client hence a smooth transition into the counselling, having a good mental status.

Substance abuse

Addiction may be classified as a disease because it affects the individual’s organs, manifests signs and symptoms, and has a treatment. Some organs affected by addiction include the skin, lungs, liver, mouth, eyes and brain. Signs and symptoms include absconding from duties because of matters related to the drug of choice, loss of family ties, poor grooming, loss of weight, anger and aggression, depression, suicidal ideations, manipulation and selling of personal items to fund the drug use. Treatment involves drug rehabilitation centers, prisons, hospitals and lastly death.


The institution works with schools and institutions to create awareness through outreach programs. Appropriate services and intervention may be provided as required in liaison with the management's policies.


The center offers a 24hour suicidal watch for clients within the institution. In addition, the staff are constantly vigilant in observing every client during their stay.

Family therapy

The individual obtains a platform for making of amends with his or her family. In addition to journeying with the clients during treatment, the sessions enable the individual to clearly define an exit plan with their support, whether financial or moral.

Suicidal ideations

Through thorough history taking by the clinical team upon admission and psychiatric treatment, the staff members are able to formulate an individualized treatment plan. In addition, appropriate action is taken.

Spiritual therapy

The institution, being ecumenical, thrives to help the individuals grow with more connection to their Higher Power.

Occupational Therapy

The institution provides training for individuals interested in learning new skills.

Corporate Partnerships

The institution offers partnership programs and services to organizations on matters of rehabilitation and awareness through outreach. The institution may also rehabilitate their employees, other than offering therapy and psychoeducation at their workplaces.

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