During admission, a client undergoes assessment and evaluation by the case manager (counsellor who shall take him or her through therapy, as part of the treatment program). The sponsor, next of kin, client and any other relevant personnel shall be contacted to avail information such as medical, psychological, legal, birth, developmental, career, and educational history that might be crucial for formulation of a treatment plan. 

The client is subjected to the first 30 days of no contact with the outside world. Phones and any other electronics apart from radio or Bluetooth are prohibited from the facility. This period of “isolation” from the outside world enables the client self-reflect and introspect, breaking down the barriers of denial, and creating self-awareness hence embracing the program and working it. The family shall be called upon as per the case manager’s discretion to enable them be a part of the journey.

The institution provides a platform for visitation and learning more about the program, every 1st Saturday of each month. Through this, they are able to gain insights on how the program works, what it entails, and its importance. The said days are referred to as “family day”. Towards the end of the individual’s stay, he or she is required to have a clearly defined exit plan that stipulates plans for life after discharge. The main focus of the institution’s treatment is the AA/NA 12-step program. Being an ecumenical facility, the 12-steps accommodate not only different religions, but also atheists, who embark on a spiritual journey successfully. These steps are universally helpful for all human beings, whether addicts or not.

Admission requirements

  • Beddings: Two sheets, pillow, blankets, duvet
  • Toiletries:  Towel, wash cloth, slippers, sandals, bathing soap, washing soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, lotion or Vaseline, basin
  • Clothes:  Decent clothes (revealing items not allowed), shoes, sweaters, sports gear, inner garments
  • Stationary:  Exercise books, pens

  • Others:  Water bottle, pocket money, medical fee