Our Treatment Options:

Individual Counseling

The client is assigned a case manager who is a counsellor that develops the tailor-made treatment plan suitable for the individual. The sessions are confidential except in situations where the client is either a danger to self or others. Only then shall the appropriate people be contacted. For example, the authorities, security, clinical staff and lawyers.

Family therapy

The individual obtains a platform for making of amends with his or her family. In addition to journeying with the clients during treatment, the sessions enable the individual to clearly define an exit plan with their support, whether financial or moral.

Psychiatric intervention

The center works with a consultant psychiatrist who is always on call and avails himself upon need. The doctor conducts monthly reviews of the clients and immediately upon admission.

Detoxification Program

Spiritual program
Out-patient and in-patient services

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The client is enabled to develop a different perspective of life and issues hence creating ways of finding solutions and coping.

Psychoeducation through lifeskills sessions

The clients undergo classes during the week to teach them on various aspects of life and train them on better living and gain understanding.

Motivational Counseling

The clients undergo motivational counselling sessions where alumni and addicts successfully in recovery give talks and share their experiences during drug use into sobriety.


The individuals undertake physiological interventions of issues such as trauma, peer pressure and self-concept.

Group Therapy

The individual is taken through group therapy to enhance socialization and social skills. He or she also creates a rapport that enables successful recovery through sharing and interaction.

Treatment Length

The treatment program takes a minimum period of 90 days, which are subject to extension upon review by the clinical team.


This Centre offers a follow-up plan that does counseling and check-ups after discharge.


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